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FTP Site

What is FTP for?
We have a dedicated FTP server (FTP = file transfer protocol) to allow our clients to upload or download large files from Stoeppelwerth. Once you connect to the FTP server, you can copy or drag files between your computer and the FTP server. Inside each client's folder, there will be files and sub folders with drawings, pdf's and other documents. All users must read and agree to conform to the Stoeppelwerth FTP Policy before they can use it (see below).

Private FTP
Clients who need this service on a regular basis are given a private folder in which to pass files back and forth from Stoeppelwerth. Once you have a user name and password, you can log on to the FTP site to get or send files. If you are a client that needs this service, please contact us to set it up for you. Using the FTP site cuts down on travel time to pick up drawings, uses less paper, and is much better that email for sending large files. Please log on using the Log On button on the right. Then enter your user name and password. After you log on, you will be able to copy files to your computer. You can only send us files using the folder named "Uploads".

Stoeppelwerth FTP Policy

FTP Site Security
Client will be given the address of the FTP site, a user name, and password. It is up to the client to keep this information confidential, and to notify Stoeppelwerth when one of their employees with FTP access leaves their company so that Stoeppelwerth can issue a new password. In addition, Stoeppelwerth reserves the right to change passwords and log-on information when needed. Clients will be notified of any changes. All users IP address will be logged for security purposes.

FTP File Usage
Only files related to a project shall be stored on the FTP site. Stoeppelwerth reserves the right to delete any files stored on the FTP site at any time. No files stored by Stoeppelwerth on the FTP site may be modified by the Client User in any way, nor distributed or copied to unauthorized parties. Clients can only upload files to Stoeppelwerth inside of the folder named "Uploads".

Stoeppelwerth Disclaimer
Stoeppelwerth is not responsible for any legal damages, or costs, resulting from the use or misuse of the FTP site, and the files contained within.

FTP Log On

If you are a client and need access or help with the FTP, please contact support.

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